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Win-Win Professional Development with UMKC TalentLink

Win-Win Professional Development with UMKC TalentLink

Employers want to retain and develop good employees. Employees want to move up in their careers and increase job satisfaction. To attain both is a win-win. That's where UMKC TalentLink comes in. 

Join us today in the Virtual Lounge as we welcome Jake Akehurst, executive director of UMKC TalentLink, and Pete Dulin, marketing coordinator for the program. UMKC TalentLink is dedicated to providing expert professional development and training for achievers to help them gain and strengthen practical skills that fuel professional growth through skills-focused courses and training led by UMKC faculty and experts in their field for goal-driven professionals and businesses. Listen in as we learn how UMKC TalentLink is changing people's careers, improving the business talent pool, and also serving our military worldwide with skills training and more.

"I spoke to a large company based in Kansas City--to one of their training and development people, and she said, 'You know, I've got one associate that needs some data analytics help,' and I said perfect. We've got six courses in that space. Let me shoot you a link--here's an example of the course, and that individual is going to get an opportunity to enroll now. My goal and intent would be that they have such an awesome experience that that employee returns." -- Jake Akehurst

You will also learn:

1. Brand Building and Outreach - How and why UMKC TalentLink redesigned its website to market and reach multiple audiences more effectively. 

2. Investing in Talent - The overlooked need to train and develop current employees as a retention/loyalty tool, especially in a tight labor market where hiring candidates is tough. 

3. Achieve Your Goals - For job seekers, investing in skills-focused training can boost prospects for career advancement or a career change.

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