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Being Frank with Jane Biondi Munna

Being Frank with Jane Biondi Munna

In this special crossover episode from Mysterious Goings On, Jane Biondi Munna joins us to share the story of her father, media executive Frank Biondi, and how the importance of treating people with fairness and integrity was the hallmark of his life and career. She is co-author of Let’s Be Frank, with her late father, who ran HBO, Viacom, and Universal Studios over the course of the 1970s, 80s, and 90s, building many franchises you still love such as Seinfeld and Law and Order

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The book is a business-focused memoir full of lessons on doing deals, building relationships, acting with integrity, and defining your own success, and is a Publisher’s Weekly Booklife editor’s pick. Listen in for fascinating anecdotes and lessons on success. 


  • Treating people with fairness and integrity

  • Grief and writing

  • Frank Biondi's business practices

  • A Story of a Little Movie Filmed in Las Vegas

  • Frank's superpower of listening with a story about Merv Griffin

  • Reflection on the writing process 

  • Frank's perspective on good luck

  • How his business acumen led to Seinfeld 

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