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Rick Lozano on Acoustic Leadership

Rick Lozano on Acoustic Leadership

Rick Lozano helps people unlock potential and amplify their talent, and he does it all with his unique blend of energy, expertise, and a musician’s soul.  With twenty years of experience in award-winning talent and leadership development programs, Rick brings his unique approach to audiences across the globe, combining his expertise as a world-class speaker with his talents as a singer/songwriter and musician. He's also a small business owner and knows firsthand the challenges startups face. Today on the show, Rick and Alex discuss ways to make small business startups more successful. 

You'll learn about

  • Why you need a CRM

  • How automation can keep you sane

  • Why "template" is not a dirty word

  • The power of masterminds

  • ...and be sure to listen to the very end for something really special that we think will definitely hit a nerve if you are on LinkedIn!

Rick is the author of Acoustic Leadership – Develop A Leadership Culture That Resonates and the owner of Unlock & Amplify®. He has built a reputation for his refreshing delivery that leaves audiences raving and - more importantly - with action items they can immediately implement to produce change. 

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