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Making Applesauce with PR Veteran Marc Whitt

Making Applesauce with PR Veteran Marc Whitt

We're excited to welcome back to the show one of the masters of the public relations might even call Marc Whitt the "Johnny Appleseed" of PR, spreading the word about ethical practice and more.

As greater demands and expectations are placed on those who practice public relations, PR veteran and author Marc Whitt contends that we should advance ourselves to the ultimate level of professional skill and excellence: that of a masterful public relations professional. He writes that achieving masterful status in our profession should become our North Star - our guiding light. These individuals are the profession's “cream of the cream of the crop,” according to Whitt. But those wishing to reach the masterful level must embrace and practice eight core habits, as Whitt details in his second book, When In Doubt, Make Applesauce! Core Habits of the Masterful Public Relations Professional (CherrymoonMedia, 2022). Adding to this exceptional book are more than 36 PR masters from six countries who share their wisdom and counsel in essays that support these core habits, including PR After Hours host Alex Greenwood!

In this lively discussion, Alex gets to the core of good PR with Marc, asking about the inspiration for writing so soon after his first book, critically-acclaimed PR Lessons Learned Along the Way (CherrymoonMedia, 2020). Since its release, the book has been named a "recommended read" by PRCA, was the #1 new PR book release on Amazon (June 2020), and has received 10 editorial recognitions from BookAuthority, most notably: “Best New PR Books to Read in 2020, 2021 & 2022”; "100 Best PR Books of All Time"; and "Best PR Books for Beginners." 

Listen in and learn why applesauce is on the menu for all PR pros--veterans, beginners, and everyone in between.

Listen to our first conversation with Marc here. Visit his website: Buy the books here. More About Marc:

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