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Jim James on Consistency in Your Content and More

Jim James on Consistency in Your Content and More

So excited to welcome Jim James to the virtual lounge today to discuss the value of consistency in your content, how to get noticed, and much more!

Jim has built businesses from a suitcase on 3 continents for over 25 years, all using public relations. His first brush with #gettingnoticed was at 18 when he jumped out of a plane in return for sponsorship and received expedition equipment in return for media publicity. He hasn’t stopped this model of brand+business building ever since.

Having grown up in Europe, Africa and America, it was perhaps inevitable that Jim would move to Singapore at the age of 28 to start his first company, EASTWEST Public Relations. Since 1995 the B2B agency opened offices in Singapore, China, India, and the UK serving over 500 clients. In China between 2006–2019, Jim built the business importing and distributing Morgan Motor Company cars, was interim CEO of Lotus, Vice-Chair of the Chamber of Commerce, and a number of other profit and not-for-profit ventures including the bi-annual British Business Awards.

"The Unnoticed Entrepreneur is a masterwork for getting your business, self, or brand to go from unnoticed to noticed. But it's more than that--It's the excellent information and this advice skillful podcast host and #PR veteran coaxed from guests on his popular show (myself included). You will learn many new things and get positive reinforcement on much more! So, get this book and get noticed!" -- Alex Greenwood


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