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Impactful Branding with Rich Kozak

Impactful Branding with Rich Kozak

Rich Kozak is the founder and CEO of RichBrands, guiding people today in "Making Your Brand Come Alive, and Accelerating Your Impact!" Rich's deep background in marketing and branding reflects in his exciting career becoming a global branding executive. Rich Kozak is a passionate, heart-connecting entrepreneur, best-selling author, and Impact Driven Brand Architect & Strategist. As a Certified Global Branding Consultant with decades of experience defining & languaging Brands alongside partners worldwide impacting hundreds of industries, he now shares his gifts with entrepreneurs determined to make IMPACTs on people’s lives, or the world.

Rich, the Founder & CEO of RichBrands and IMPACT DRIVEN Publishing, brings over four decades of experience helping entrepreneurs find the clarity that aligns with everything their Brand says and does. His work delivers strategic language as a brand accelerator and builds a powerful brand platform that speeds an individual into business success.

Listen in as we discuss:

  • What is Branding

  • Misconceptions about branding

  • How does a company envision and define a brand

  • Why is branding misunderstood?

Rich is a high-energy guest you will not want to miss!

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