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Get an Interest in Pinterest with Lindsay Shearer

Get an Interest in Pinterest with Lindsay Shearer

Think Pinterest isn't practical as a public relations tool? Think again! Today we learn all about ways to use Pinterest as a secret weapon in developing SEO and increasing media relations success with our guest, Lindsay Shearer. She is the CEO of Pins 4 Profit + BrandRanx Media + Bankable Digital Agency. 

Lindsay’s team focus is on running large volume of Pinterest Ads + Organic & mixed with a cross channel SEO strategy for ecom brands. Lindsay has been featured in Entrepreneur, Fox Sports, Social Media Explorer, Market Watch and has spoken at events & hosted masterminds around the world. With a background in using digital marketing for mergers & acquisitions & private equity, Lindsay’s team has helped hundreds of brands reach massive growth & scale. Each year she spends over $35M+ profitably for clients and addicted to the results. 

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Take your customer-facing content to a new level with my experience and ability as a 35-year-professional writer. I'm a veteran PR professional and expert in media relations, crisis communications, business development, content creation, e-publishing, podcasting, editing, and writing. So, yes, I understand how to use proper grammar--but anybody can do that. My skill lies in making your content SPEAK to your audience.

I have written two business books, nine novels, thousands of blog posts, articles, press releases, speeches, social media posts, ad copy, and even a screenplay.

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