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Delivering High Stakes Content with Tedx Expert Ryan Hildebrandt

Delivering High Stakes Content with Tedx Expert Ryan Hildebrandt

Dreaming of a Tedx appearance, but have no idea where to start? That's where Ryan Hildebrandt comes in. Tedx coach Ryan offers a few tests anyone can do to "market research" their ideas to find the most interesting parts of it, without bias (so they can get top opportunities). In our discussion, we also learn:

  • why you should treat your ideas & message like a product (eg: why it doesn't matter if people "like" it)

  • the most important aspects of a topic you have to communicate to get booked on events like TEDx

He will soon launch a book for everyday professionals who want to use the same techniques to write better talks, blog posts, or pitch their ideas to podcasts/guest post opportunities.

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