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Cacti and Snowflakes in the Office with Devora Zack

Cacti and Snowflakes in the Office with Devora Zack

Today we meet best-selling author and Leadership Consultant, Devora Zack, whose latest book—The Cactus and Snowflake at Work: How the Logical and Sensitive Can Thrive Side by Side (Berrett-Koehler; Nov 02, 2021) --answers the question: can people with fundamentally different ways of thinking and engaging with the world work together? The answer is yes! 

Zack says the best use of our energy is to focus on our own reactions and perceptions rather than try to “fix” other people. The book helps readers learn where they are on the Thinker (“Cactus”)/Feeler (“Snowflake”) spectrum. She includes real-life scenarios that show how to nurture one’s nature while successfully connecting with those on the other side. As always, Zack fearlessly and entertainingly dispels myths, squashes stereotypes, and transforms perceived liabilities into strengths.

Listen in for a spirited conversation--and can you guess? Is Alex a cactus or a snowflake?

Also by Devora Zack: Networking for People Who Hate Networking, Second Edition: A Field Guide for Introverts, the Overwhelmed, and the Underconnected

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