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Trek Takes 7: DOMINION

Trek Takes 7: DOMINION

Welcome to episode seven of a special bonus series here on Mysterious Goings On...TREK TAKES. What is TREK TAKES? Well, Star Trek fans... PICARD is back for the third and final season, and as a lifelong fan of the series and a critic of the franchise's direction over the past few years, Alex will talk with film critic and writer Lucas Hardwick, sharing their "first takes" on every episode--coming at you every Friday morning throughout the 10-episode season three.

This week: it's Lucas and Alex's first take on the seventh episode of season three of PICARD: DOMINION.  Up for discussion: Lucas and Alex discuss the possibility of Jack Crusher being possessed by a Pah Wraith due to his red eyes, missing Frakes and Dorn, the relationship between Riker and Worf, the emotional moment between Data and Geordi, the absence of Marina Sirtis, budget and sets, how plot and character are more important than nitpicks, and how the show has managed to tell a story without relying on glycerin tears. Also: the appearance of Tuvok from Voyager, Snidely Whiplore, the possibility of Shat on deck, Shaw's tears, Jack Crusher as glue, the show music, how much we miss Odo, how the show is doing its job and is the gold standard of Star Trek.

We end with can't-miss hilarious listener mail from a friend of the show THE UNDISCOVERED MUGATO, the word on the unsung part of the set, a sweaty box, and MORE. Listen in!

Something GRATING about Daystrom Station: click here.

Something sweaty about Sisko: click here.

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