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American Film Institute Founder George Stevens, Jr. Returns

American Film Institute Founder George Stevens, Jr. Returns

In this episode, we welcome back the esteemed George Stevens Jr, an iconic figure in the entertainment industry and author of the memoir, My Place in the Sun. We delve into his captivating journey from being the son of an Oscar-winning filmmaker to becoming a renowned writer, producer, director, and founder of the American Film Institute (AFI). With personal anecdotes featuring influential figures like Jack Lemmon, Jackie Kennedy, Sydney Poitier, Cary Grant, Terrance Malick, Katherine Hepburn, and James Cagney, George Stevens Jr. shares his fascinating experiences and unique insights.

His illustrious career has resulted in compelling narratives that have impacted audiences worldwide, earning him numerous accolades, including 14 Emmys, two Peabody Awards, and an honorary Oscar. Join us as we discuss his family's legacy in show business, his adventures working for JFK, his friendships with RFK and Obama, his unforgettable cinematic contributions (including a near-miss acting role in Apocalypse Now), and his enduring commitment to championing film as a vital art form through the AFI.

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Website: Click to buy: My Place in the Sun

“Once you start, you simply cannot stop reading this book. George Stevens, Jr.’s life has been a marvelous journey, as gripping and immersive as his father’s films. Throughout his life, George Stevens, Jr. repeatedly encounters greatness, and finds his own greatness along the way.” 

--J. Alexander Greenwood, Mysterious Goings On podcast


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