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Welcome to episode three of a special bonus series here on Mysterious Goings On...TREK TAKES. What is it? Well, Star Trek fans... PICARD is back for the third and final season, and as a lifelong fan of the series and a critic of the franchise's direction over the past few years, Alex will talk with film critic and writer Lucas Hardwick, sharing their "first takes" on every episode--coming at you every Friday morning throughout the 10-episode run of the show.

This week: it's Lucas and Alex's first takes on the third episode of season three of PICARD: SEVENTEEN SECONDS.  The guys talk about their theories about Tom/Will Riker, poached egg selections, mixed emotions about Lore/Data/B4, the just-announced demise of STAR TREK: DISCOVERY, and much more. Listen in!

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All the Fits That's News
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