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Love, Mystery, and Bullies with David E. Feldman

Love, Mystery, and Bullies with David E. Feldman

Today we meet David E. Feldman, author of The Dora Ellison Mystery Series, a 5-book (so far) series starring a detective couple who happens to be lesbian. Dora is a sweet martial arts savant with a violent streak stemming from childhood trauma. She especially loathes bullies.

Feldman is also author of The Neighborhood, a novel about four families in the then-all-white town of Valley Stream, N.Y., one of whom is the first family of color in the neighborhood. His stories are about love, transcendence, hope, and overcoming challenges in modern society.

We also discuss:

  • Bullies in fiction and real life

  • Victims in his books: are everyday people in everyday situations. A ubiquitous situation we have is people who are abused, from a young couple making love, to people who happen to be in the hospital, to several people who identify as different genders.

  • More about the Dora Ellison series

  • His ongoing cast of relatable characters

  • Feldman’s very close brushes with severe illness

  • His positivity and love of life

Listen in!

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