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Lee Matthew Goldberg and the Frozen Man

Lee Matthew Goldberg and the Frozen Man

During this time of quarantine and isolation due to Covid-19, many have felt loneliness, a feeling of being stuck in time, as well as separation and loss of loved ones. Lee Matthew Goldberg’s fourth book, “The Ancestor” explores the emotional journey of the protagonist Wyatt trying to get back to a life that is familiar. On today's show, Goldberg talks about writing the non-stop thriller that leaves readers in the same haze of desire, uncertainty, and fear as the main character whose story begins when his amnesia-dazed mind encounters someone who looks just like him. 

Suddenly he is flooded with memories of a life he is convinced he has lived. But the images take him back to 1898’s Alaskan Gold Rush from 120 years ago. He longs for either the life he once had and the love he experienced – or obsesses for a new life that isn’t his own. It’s a book that makes each of us question our identity, heritage, and fate.

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