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Christopher J. Lynch's Dark State

Christopher J. Lynch's Dark State

What would happen if the entire California electrical grid went down? You don't want to know...but you MUST! Find out about his exciting thriller about this catastrophe-in-waiting and more as we meet the author, Christopher J. Lynch, who has inside info on our country’s vulnerabilities. He’s also an adventurer and the biographer of the iconic child actor who played the conniving Eddie Haskell on the TV series Leave it to Beaver.

Lynch is the author of the ONE EYED JACK crime novel series about a professional blackmailer. The debut novel in the series was a 2013 Shamus Award finalist, and a 2014 Writers Digest honorable mention for genre fiction.

He's also the author of, EDDIE: THE LIFE AND TIMES OF AMERICA’S PREEMINENT BAD BOY, the biography of Ken Osmond, the iconic child actor who played Eddie Haskell on the TV series Leave it to Beaver.

His latest work, DARK STATE, is a chilling modern-day thriller about a terrorist attack that takes down California’s electrical grid. Imagine if the world’s 5th-largest economy went dark—it’s not pretty.

Listen in as we discuss:

  • DARK STATE and its parallels to the recent substations attacks in North Carolina and Washington State.

  • How I conceived of DARK STATE, and the amazing availability of open source information I was able to find on the internet.

  • The “rotten onion” power grid

  • The main characters he chose in DARK STATE, and how he also wrote short vignettes to cover other individuals and how they would be impacted by a devastating power outage.

  • Why you should have certain supplies in your home in case of disaster.

  • The awful truth about extended loss of power.

  • The myth of “rugged individualism.”

  • The truth about Leave it to Beaver actor Ken Osmond and porn actor John Holmes.

  • His work leading blind hikers up a mountain and back.

  • And more!

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Lynch believes in working with his fellow authors and has helped numerous aspiring writers achieve their dream by offering free self-publishing seminars. Not one to be limited to speaking in the comfortable settings of libraries or writing groups, he also taught writing in a maximum-security prison for several years. He even helped get one of the inmate’s books published on Amazon.

And finally, he is an adventurer who has climbed some of the highest peaks in the world including Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa, and trekked to Mount Everest Base Camp. He also trained and led nine blind hikers to 10,000 ft. Mount Baldy, the third-highest peak in Southern California. He’s also ridden his bike across Cuba, Alaska, and the American south. And, he’s flown on the zero-G plane, aka: “The Vomit Comet.”

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