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Celebrating Life with Robert Lee Hill

Celebrating Life with Robert Lee Hill

Do you question how it's possible for life to be affirming, religion to be relevant, and our daily human journey to be full of hope in times riddled with division, cynicism, and negativity? If so, Robert Lee Hill has fifty-two messages for you.

In Life is to Be Celebrated: Selected Sermons – Messages for the 21st Century (Caroline Street Press, 272 pages, October 2021), the author, poet, and minister responds to that overarching question with fifty-two messages born out of his experience as a pastor and community leader. Bob returns to the show today to talk about his book, who sermons are for, and his conception of what Hell actually is. Listen in!

Hill served as minister at Community Christian Church in Kansas City, Missouri, from 1985 until semiretirement in 2015. He is a nonfiction writer, poet, and community consultant for organizations focusing on social justice issues, including excellence in education, voter registration, and quality health care. He has written or edited ten books, including the acclaimed Life's Too Short for Anything But Love (Woodneath Press 214 pages, March 2021) and All You Need is More Love (Caroline Street Press 239 pages, May 2020).

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